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Proposal of Sunrise Group for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19

Response from Sunrise Group

COVID-19 in Xiamen

Reiterate the group, functional departments, and subsidiaries



1、Employee Health Management


Employees entering the factory area must take a temperature measurement and have a bright green code. If their temperature is 37.3 or below, they can enter the factory. If their temperature exceeds 37.3, they are prohibited from entering the factory and immediately go to the fever clinic for investigation;


All personnel entering and leaving the factory and during working hours must wear masks in a standardized manner throughout the entire process;


Employees should commute between 2 o'clock and 1 line, and try to use walking, self driving, and other means of commuting;


Employees should pay attention to the epidemic prevention notice of Xiamen City and the epidemic prevention requirements of Rishang Group Company, and actively respond;


Employees who have lived, traveled, transitioned, or returned from other high-risk areas must proactively report to their residential community and unit, and carry out epidemic prevention and control work according to the requirements of their residential community.


2、Enterprise venue management


Implement daily disinfection and sterilization work for the company's canteen, dormitory, toilet, parking lot, office, workshop and other public areas;


Vehicles entering the factory must be strictly controlled, and drivers and passengers of transportation vehicles must hold one code and one certificate; Do not leave the driver's cab or come into contact with outsiders;


Strengthen employee epidemic prevention publicity, guide employees to conscientiously implement protective measures, avoid clustering or gathering, urge all employees on duty to wear masks in a standardized manner, and maintain a protective distance between production workshop employees;


Strictly implement the epidemic investigation trend of personnel in various departments, and update the health investigation of personnel in each department daily during the epidemic period;


Recruitment interviews should be conducted online as much as possible; New employees must review their travel code, health code, and 48 hour nucleic acid negative report.



3、Management of quarantine personnel


Individuals who are quarantined due to business trips or involvement in epidemic prevention work can be reported to the department and personnel for attendance.


Isolating personnel can open nail attendance and work from home as appropriate.


Supervisors and party members should show their identity, establish their image, be pioneers, and set an example in the front line of epidemic prevention and control, take the lead in implementing various measures for epidemic prevention and control, and build a solid barrier for epidemic prevention and control.