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Sunrise Group | Lean Plan - Team Leader Comprehensive Ability Improvement Training Camp Successfully Ends

In order to further cultivate the abilities of team leaders in lean manufacturing, team collaboration, skill improvement, and efficiency improvement, Sunrise Group has launched the "Lean Plan - Team Leader Comprehensive Ability Improvement Training Camp"


Rishang Group pays attention to the management of production line work and conducted a 3-day systematic deepening training for the production team in October. The students actively responded to the carefully prepared training and expansion activities of the group, absorbing knowledge in class and deepening the impression of knowledge through expansion. The combination of puzzle activities, physical training, and centralized training has strengthened team collaboration. Military training has greatly improved the efficiency of returning to work.

The production line team leader is the actual person in charge of enterprise production. The management of the team leader directly affects the quality of the production line. Good management can promote the orderly progress of production, while poor management can restrict or even hinder the development of enterprise production. In order to avoid this situation, the team has strengthened management training for the team leader and improved their management ability.


The comprehensive ability improvement training lasts for 3 days and consists of 5 study groups. Through this training, we aim to train grassroots management team members with business acumen, technical understanding, management skills, and modern awareness for the group, in order to fully utilize their management abilities in future work positions and make greater contributions to the production development of the Sunrise Group.




Opening Ceremony



Led by the Human Resources Department of Rishang Group, with the cooperation of the conference and support teams, we provide learning and logistical support for the class leaders and students, and ensure that they all report in an orderly manner.



At the opening ceremony of the comprehensive ability improvement training camp for team leaders, Zhao Factory Director and Steel Structure Soup Factory Director of the Rim Production Department of the Rishang Group delivered speeches respectively for this training. I hope this training can bring some profound experiences to the team leader, and also help them understand the significance of the company's training and their expectations for the team leader.



Course training



   Day 1   

The course 'Improving the Performance Ability of Five Star Class Leaders' is divided into four learning parts: role recognition and thinking transformation of class leaders, efficient communication and execution improvement, daily management practice, and safety production management.


   Day 2   

The "Practice of Lean Production Management for Team Leaders" has shifted from understanding lean production management, analyzing on-site problems, and enhancing quality awareness to the seven major methods of IE and lean improvement. The training instructor has provided vivid and interesting teaching and training in a simple and profound way. The active interaction between the trainees has deepened the understanding of management knowledge among the team leaders and students. Based on the waste phenomenon discovered in production, the instructor has assigned relevant assignments, Require a summary report on the management plan during the closing period.



Day 3   

The course "Improving the Work Efficiency and Team Collaboration of Team Leaders" focuses on enhancing team cohesion, work efficiency, and execution. The compact classroom of the teacher also leaves a deep impression on the students, and through on-site interaction; Time Grid” Deepen students' understanding of the importance of time.



Team Development

Through team building, minefield clearance, devil's numbers, power trains, and inspiring training, the team leaders have demonstrated excellent skills and an unwavering spirit, enhancing the team cohesion and sense of collective honor of the students, laying a solid foundation for future management.



Team gathering and dressing up


Minefield clearance


Devil Number


make persistent efforts


power train


Inspire people's hearts



Crossing the web of life


Gone in 60 Seconds



Wind and rain travel together towards the future


I hope that in the future work, the team members will continue the spirit of teamwork and the ability to work together to create a first-class steel team. They will withstand various tests in production work, and while doing their job well, they will study and work hard, strictly implement the company's various regulations and work goals, be meticulous, work together, and strive hard!




Summary after training



On October 29th, after the completion of the comprehensive ability improvement training camp for the team leader, the project defense and closing ceremony were held to; Lean Planning; Summary, induction, and consolidation of training.




At the closing ceremony, the management of Sunrise Group selected "Excellent Group", "Excellent Individual", and "Best Debater". I hope that the team leaders and trainees can continue to promote the spirit of teamwork and excellence in their future production work, with the aim of; Drop&# quo; Meet various challenges and collaborations in production work with a positive mindset.



After the award ceremony, Mr. Chen, Deputy General Manager of Sunrise Group, gave a concluding speech on this training. The trainees of this class leader training are all outstanding grassroots production workers and also the basic strength of the production line of Sunrise Group. In the current changing environment, we should better manage grassroots positions, strengthen the learning of team leaders themselves, and enable management thinking to keep up with the times and changes in customer needs. I hope all class leaders present can use" Campsite” The management atmosphere can infect colleagues around us, and better apply training knowledge to production, work, and management life.



The successful completion of the 3-day and 2-night devil training is inseparable from the strong support and assistance of the Human Resources Department of the Rishang Group, leaders of various factories, and trainees. I hope that students can constantly challenge themselves and surpass themselves; May team members work together to advance and retreat together, and work together with the Zhuri Shang Group to forge ahead and prosper.